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Why Massage?

Massage therapy under a sensitive and experienced practitioner has many benefits. The benefits are not easily documented session by session but rather over time, although improvement starts from the first massage. Pain following a strong massage is not uncommon due to tissue that may be intractable due to nutritional gaps, dehydration, stress, posture imbalances and insufficient movement.

Within a few days, the discomfort, if experienced following the massage, will disappear.

Your muscle fibers are now in a “new” and healthier place than prior to the bodywork.

From this point, the decision is whether to continue to improve and rid yourself of trigger points and bound-up muscles by planning a regular massage therapy protocol.

The plan must fit your budget in a reasonable way so as not to create unnecessary stress which adds to muscle dysfunction.

Consistent massage will alter the imbalances and tone of the muscle fibers. Pain relief is the by-product of a good massage. Improved overall health by supporting postural adjustments and mental health through realignment and increased circulation of body fluids is the deeper purpose of massage therapy.

Though massage is a recognized form of healing in the western world, many cultures have relied on it as a form a health maintenance along with diet, stress management and exercise in place of drug therapy of the modern world that consistently provides the challenge of difficult side effects. As a part of our present-day culture’s choices, massage therapy can ease the symptoms caused by medications and a sedentary lifestyle exacerbated by computer and cellphone use.

Call our office to work out a Maintenance Plan for your particular needs and budget.

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