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Bill's professionalism and devotion to excellent client care set a standard that all therapists should strive for.  I have known and worked with many, many massage practitioners in Washington state, and I believe Bill is one of the best. He is knowledgeable and very skilled, and his trigger point work is outstanding. I noticed a reduction of pain and improved range of motion in my back and shoulders after the first session.  Bill is the therapist I prefer to see for treatment, and I will recommend him to anyone needing therapeutic massage."

Johanna Eby, LMP
Seattle, Washington


Having back surgery 10yrs ago I have ongoing back stiffness and pain. Last Nov. my back went into a spasm which has set me back in all I do including my yoga practice. About 3 months ago I started going to Bill for a massage. He actually listens to what you have to say and then works on a solution. I can honestly say I can see light at the end of the tunnel. My back is doing so much better , I have a little stiffness and the major pain is gone. Soon I see myself back in my regular yoga practice.

  KK Snoqualmie



I can’t say enough about Bill Feikema as a massage therapist. He is truly a professional who will listen to your needs and use all of his experience and education to do the very best. I promise you will get results because Bill has helped me with a shoulder/rotator cuff problem that doctors, an MRI, and physical therapy couldn’t diagnose let alone cure.


I have been to other massage therapists for my shoulder and they never want to work just on the area in need of therapy. Bill will focus on your needs and your desire or chief complaint. I can do yoga poses that I couldn’t do for the past 12 years and the only difference is Bill working on my areas that he can detect as he is massaging.


I have gained movement again in areas that are constantly strained due to my career as a dental hygienist and my love for all kinds of activities including weight lifting. Bill talks about trigger points that I have never been told about from the many, many other massage therapists I have tried over the past 20 years.  

Bill is the type of therapist you grow attached to because he is sincere, caring, and wants to make sure you are once again getting your needs met. I know that I can count on Bill to be honest and tell me what I need and what is happening with my muscles and how he would like to help me. If you have a problem he isn’t familiar with, he will do his best to investigate it before the next time he treats you. I have no hesitation recommending Bill.

LM,  Seattle



I have been seeing Bill for several months now, and out of all the massage therapists I`ve seen in the past Bill has helped me the most. When I have a session with Bill he uses a method called `trigger point`;  at times it can be a little overwhelming or painful, however it is the most effective method for long term relief of persisting problems. Bill is very attentive to any discomfort that I may be feeling and does what he can to relieve my discomfort.

A.W., Issaquah



Early on in my life I experienced physical abuse. It took hold in my body and left me with daily pain. After dozens of healing modalities now at age 40 I started to think I just might live a life of pain. In less than 3 sessions with Bill my pain subsided greatly. I was confused... happily confused. In six short weeks, not only did Bill's gift take me out of daily pain, he had educated me showing me how I can reverse the painful pattern in my body by doing simple things each day. I feel good!! I am a different person. My energy has been freed up to do meaningful things instead of spending my entire day managing my pain. Bill's knowledge and demeanor immediately comforted me and provided me with hope in a situation that had no hope. THANK YOU Bill!!!"

SB, Seattle



I suffer from lower back pains and have been seeing a chiropractor for some time.  I decided to try massage to help alleviate my back pain.  I've been going to Bill Feikema for 3 months and I highly recommend his massage services. He listens to my needs and shows concern for my well  being.  I no longer suffer from the severe back pains I've been battling for some time now.  My back feels a lot better since I've seen Bill.  I appreciate the personal service he provides and the great massages.  For those seeking a therapeutic massage, Bill is absolutely the best.


JG, Issaquah

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