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For over fifteen years, we have been helping people in Snoqualmie valley feel better and move easier. The most common reasons they come to see us are:


  • Stress Relief

  • An aching body-Headaches, stiff necks, sore shoulders, troublesome low backs, tender feet...

  • Postural challenges

  • Improve flexibility, balance, range of motion

  • Enhance exercise and sport performance

  • Help with fibromyalgia, arthritis, post         operative and joint replacement pain.

  • Lessen thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel and other impingement problems

  • Aid cancer patients with neuropathy treatment...

...and of course, relaxation.  While nobody mistakes us for a spa, many of our regular clients come to us because they find a thorough therapeutic massage tailored with their specific needs in mind is more relaxing and beneficial than the spa effect.

Recent Client Comments

"after the massage, my posture was much better and I moved with more fluidity (if that makes sense), more flow, more ease. Thanks so much!!!!"

"I have been seeing Bill for several months now, and out of all the massage therapists I've seen in the past Bill has helped me the most. When I have a session with Bill he uses a method called `trigger point`;  at times it can be a little overwhelming or painful, however it is for me the most effective method for long term relief of persisting problems. Bill is very attentive to any discomfort that I may be feeling and does what he can to relieve my discomfort."

"I have been to other massage therapists for my shoulder and they never want to work just on the area in need of therapy. Bill will focus on your needs and your desire or chief complaint. I can do yoga poses that I couldn’t do for the past 12 years and the only difference is Bill working on my areas that he can detect as he is massaging."

Book a Massage 

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425 831 8890

        The WA State Board of Health requires masks to be worn in all health care settings.


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